Forest Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Rules and Regulations

Prohibited Items:

  1. Any items on graves that are inconsistent with Christian ideals and principles.
  2. Any items that do not honor military branches of the United States Government.
  3. Any Satanic symbols or emblems.
  4. Any offensive memorial or structure, or any inscription placed on such, the Cemetery Team reserves the right to have the reservee to remove, change, or correct the offensive or improper objects at the reservee’s expense. Failure to comply may result in denial of future burial rights.
  5. Interment of any remains other than human.

It is prohibited to:

  • Scatter cremation ashes above ground within the bounds of the cemetery;
  • Break, injure, mar, or pluck any tree, shrub, landmark, headstone, cremation bench or marker, or in any way deface the grounds of the cemetery.
  • To place anything other than headstone or cremation bench and flowers on any grave site. Any additional items may be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Team.
  • Walk anywhere other than the established avenues, walkways and roads.
  • Allow children under the age of 15 unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Discharge a firearm in the cemetery except for authorized volleys at military or other burial services.
  • Carry in or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Exceed the cemetery speed limit of 15 mph.
  • Drive or park any motor vehicle on other than the open roads and driveways.

Additional Restrictions:

  • No advertisement(s) are allowed.
  • Do not litter the cemetery. Trash barrels are provided.
  • No loitering by unauthorized person(s).
  • Only authorized individual(s) are allowed on cemetery grounds after dark.
  • Speed limit while on cemetery grounds is 15 mph.
  • No U-Turns or cutting corners.
  • Improperly installed and maintained vases or similar containers will be removed.
  • Any work performed on plots to maintain, change, alter, improve, inter, or disinter, including any grading, planting, landscaping and pruning must be approved by the Cemetery Team.
  • If any tree, shrub or plant standing upon any lot, by means of its roots, branches or otherwise, becomes detrimental to adjacent plots or avenues, or if for any reason its removal is deemed necessary, the Cemetery Team reserves the right to remove it, or do whatever needed to correct the condition.
  • Potted plants, seasonal or faded flowers, wreaths, baskets, or any other objects will be removed at the discretion and convenience of the Cemetery Team. Christmas flowers will be removed after the last day of February.

Funeral Regulations:

  1. All graves must be dug to a depth of 52 inches.
  2. The burial of more than one casket in one grave is prohibited.
  3. A member of the Cemetery Team must be given 48-hours advance notice before any interment is made.


  1. No interment may take place until permission has been obtained from the Cemetery Team, nor until all rules and regulations relative to burials have been met.
  2. The Cemetery Team will not be held responsible for errors in the location of plots arising from improper instructions of plot reservees. Orders from Funeral Directors will be construed as orders from reservees.
  3. No burial will take place in any plot in which such person did not have interest, except by written consent of the reservee or heirs of reservee.
  4. A member of the Cemetery Team must be notified in the event of a cremation interment. A proper marker or headstone must be placed at the site of the cremation burial.

Vaults and Memorials:

  1. A sealing concrete vault is required for each burial. The top of the vault must be at least 18 inches below the level surface of the ground.
  2. No monument, cremation bench or marker can be set unless the location has been first approved by the Cemetery Team. A representative of the Cemetery Team must be present when a monument, cremation bench or marker is being placed in the cemetery.
  3. No material except granite, a good grade of white marble, cut stone from recognized monument quarries, or standard bronze, can be used for markers or monuments.
  4. Only one headstone will be permitted on one plot. No memorial may be set to embrace two or more grave spaces except a family memorial. All memorials must be set on uniform lines as prescribed by the Cemetery Team to conform to the general plan of the cemetery.
  5. Headstones, cremation benches, military stones, and comer stones are the only markers permitted.
  6. Mausoleums are not allowed.
  7. Only active members of Forest Grove Baptist Church and persons who have family members already buried in cemetery can purchase the right to be interred in the cemetery. For members of the Forest Grove Community, exceptions to this policy may be made upon the approval by 75 percent of the Cemetery Team.

Interment Rights:

  1. Any and all transfers of interment rights are subject to all rules and regulations of the cemetery, which are now in full force and effect, or which may be enacted later.
  2. Before any transfer of an interment right shall become effective, the reservee must transfer back to the cemetery such interment right.
  3. The Cemetery Team may exchange interment rights when such an exchange is requested by a reservee. When such an exchange is made, the original conveyance must be surrendered and recorded on the cemetery plat.
  4. The subdivision of an interment right shall not be effective without the prior consent of the Cemetery Team. Each subdivision shall incur a $200 interment fee.
  5. The Cemetery Team can refuse to consent to a transfer of an interment right.
  6. In the event a reservee transfers those spaces back to the cemetery, due to a move away from the area, the Cemetery Team will reimburse the reservee for original purchase price of the plot only.